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How Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Can Help with Dry Eye

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy is an effective dry eye treatment that targets the underlying cause of the condition. Tears help to keep the eyes nourished, clean, healthy, and lubricated. The tear film has three essential components: water, oil, and mucus. An imbalance in any of the components can affect the quantity and quality of tears, which leads to dry eye syndrome.

What to Know About Halloween Colored Contacts

Colored contacts are a common sight during Halloween. They can help to take any costume to a new level. Unfortunately, contrary to what most people believe, colored contacts are not always harmless fun. 

How to Choose the Right Eye Drops for Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are a common condition that many of us experience at some point. It can be a temporary issue or a chronic one, depending on various factors. When your eyes don't produce enough tears to stay adequately lubricated, or when the tears evaporate too quickly, dry eyes can occur.

How Diabetes Affects Eye Health

Diabetes is a chronic health condition affecting millions of people worldwide. It is a metabolic disorder. It develops when your body cannot produce or use insulin properly.

Is It Possible to Prevent Macular Degeneration?

The American Macular Degeneration Foundation states that it is possible to prevent macular degeneration or MD. Studies show that this eye condition is the main cause of vision loss in individuals at least 60 years old.

How to Deal with Eye Allergies

After a long, cold winter, everyone looks forward to spring. Along with blue skies, that’s when the outside temperature starts to warm up.

Tips for Managing Dry Eye Symptoms While Wearing Contacts

Contact lenses are a popular option for vision correction. They have various advantages over prescription glasses.

Finding the Best Eye Doctor for Your Family

The eyes are among the delicate parts of your body. They require routine care and checks to help maintain their optimal health. Finding the ideal eye doctor for your family to do so can sometimes be challenging.

What to Expect During a Contact Lens Exam

First-time contact lens wearers may wonder what to expect during a contact lens examination. Read on to learn more about the contact lens exam process to help you know what to expect at each stage.

Contact Lenses: Tips for Choosing and Wearing Contacts Safely

Contact lenses allow you to enjoy great vision without worrying about eyeglasses clouding your vision. Wearing contact lenses will let you see small visual details you have missed all this time. However, you should make the right choices to get the most out of the lenses. Your vision is valued, and you should ensure your eyes are healthy and comfortable.

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