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When it comes to choosing an optometry practice, you have A LOT of options. We get it. But at Eyecare for East Texas, we’re different. And the difference is Dr. Wacasey, his staff, and the patient’s experience. We know that sometimes optometry appointments can be scary, so our staff takes every step to make you feel comfortable and at home. From selecting your eyeglasses to state-of-the-art technology, we’re committed to the highest quality eyecare and vision correction for our patients.

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Dr. Greg Wacasey

Dr. Greg Wacasey, Therapeutic Optometrist earned his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Hawaii Hilo, and his Doctor of Optometry degree from the University of Houston College of Optometry. He is board certified by the American Board of Optometry. Dr. Greg Wacasey, Therapeutic Optometrist has been in private practice as an Optometrist since 2007.


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