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Quality Eye Care for Treating Dry Eye Syndrome

Do your eyes feel itchy or dry? Does it sometimes feel like you have something in your eyes? If so, you most likely have a common ocular condition called dry eye syndrome. About 4.88 million Americans over the age of 50 have this problem. To treat it, you will need to see an optometrist. If you are near the area of Longview, trust the eye care services of Dr. Greg Wacasey to help you reduce your dry eye symptoms. Here is what you need to know about dry eye syndrome.


What Does It Mean to Have Dry Eye Syndrome?

If you are diagnosed with dry eye syndrome, it means that your eyes have a hard time producing enough tears, or the tears created are of low quality. Tears are essential for keeping your eyes healthy, providing clear vision, decreasing the chances of an eye infection developing, keeping the eye’s surface smooth, and washing away any foreign matter that may have gotten on the eyes. So, having dry eye syndrome not only causes a range of irritating symptoms, but it can also affect eye health.

Taking a Look at Dry Eye Causes and Symptoms

The eyes’ tear production and quality can be affected in many ways. Dry eye syndrome can happen as you get older, when you take certain medications, are exposed to smokey, windy, or dry conditions, use contact lenses for a long time, or had LASIK eye surgery.

The uncomfortable symptoms of dry eye syndrome can be annoying for some people. Individuals with this problem may experience burning, aching, gritty, or dry sensations of the eyes. They may also feel like the eyes are tired, heavy, itchy, or sore. Some reported that their vision is blurry, their eyes are sensitive to light, or feel like something is in their eyes.

Our Longview Optometrist Can Treat Dry Eye Syndrome

If you believe that you have dry eye syndrome, seek the professional eye care services of our Longview optometrist. We can perform various tests to determine whether or not you have this eye condition. If it is decided that you indeed have dry eye syndrome, we will go over with you the treatment options for it. Depending on the severity, our optometrist may prescribe artificial eye drops or ointments to help keep your eyes hydrated. Our eye doctor may recommend taking omega-3 supplements and using warm compresses or eyelid cleaners to help with the symptoms.

Reduce Your Symptoms By Seeking The Eye Care Treatments from Our Optometrist

Get rid of those pesky symptoms of dry eye syndrome by visiting our Longview optometrist, Dr. Greg Wacasey, for quality eye care treatments. Call our optometry team at 903-663-1550 or use our online forms to schedule an appointment.


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