If you have had irritating eye symptoms such as a feeling that your eyes are too dry, you may be suffering from dry eye. There are many causes of this condition, but there are also many ways to treat it. Dr. Greg Wacasey, Therapeutic Optometrist, has provided residents of Longview, TX, with dry eye treatment for many years.

Symptoms of Dry Eye

If you feel like your eyes are dry or feel gritty, you could have dry eye. People with dry eye often feel like there's something in their eye or that their eye is burning or stinging. They may also have itchy eyes or eyes that turn red. They may also have mucus strings in their eyes or caught in their eyelashes. Dry eye can also cause blurry vision and the appearance of halos around lights.

Dry Eye Causes

There are so many things that can cause dry eye. It can be caused by wind on your face. It can be caused by getting older, as the eye’s ability to produce tears declines with age. It may be caused by medications, such as antidepressants, or by being in a room near a fan or too much air conditioning. Medical conditions like diabetes can also cause dry eye syndrome.

Dry Eye Treatment 

Many people who have dry eyes reach for eye drops that are available over the counter. These can certainly help for a little while, but for many patients, it's better to get eye drops from an optometrist. Our eye doctor will assess your condition to determine what is causing your dry eye symptoms and recommend treatment accordingly. L

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