What You Need to Know about Orthokeratology

If you always thought that the only way to stop wearing corrective lenses was to get LASIK eye surgery, it's time that you learn about another option. Ortho-K is a procedure that uses contact lenses to help you to improve your daytime vision. Not every eye care professional has the qualifications to fit you with these specialized contacts, but you can get them from our optometrist, Dr. Gregory K. Wacasey, in Longview, TX.


About Ortho-K

Ortho-K,  also referred to by its full name of orthokeratology, is a method used by eye doctors to correct your vision while you sleep. An optometrist uses a pair of specially shaped contact lenses that you wear overnight while you sleep. They temporarily reshape your eyes' corneas to help you to see clearly when you take out your contacts in the morning. Ortho-K can be a way for people who have nearsightedness, astigmatism, or farsightedness to go without corrective lenses while awake.

How Orthokeratology Works

Your eyes each have a dome-shaped portion called the cornea. This part of the eye is clear to allow light through. Its shape concentrates light that enters your eye and focuses it on your eye's retina. If the light does not strike the retina properly because the cornea's shape doesn't send it in the right direction, you won't see clearly.

What orthokeratology does is reform your cornea to ensure that each eye focuses light onto your retina. This form of vision correction has been in use since the 1980s, and a systematic review of ortho-K shows that it is both safe and effective at correcting vision problems.

The contacts work overnight to reshape your corneas. For the first couple of weeks, you may need to wear supplemental corrective lenses while your eyes' corneas move to the correct position. Only your optometrist can tell you if you might need this extra step.

Once your corneas attain the correct shape, you will be able to enjoy a life without contact lenses or glasses during the day.

See If You Qualify to Try Ortho-K Contacts

If you would like to correct your vision without surgery, you first need to schedule an appointment with an optometrist for an exam and assessment. Call Dr. Gregory K. Wacasey in Longview, TX, at (903) 663-1550 to see if orthokeratology is the best choice for your eyes. Even if you and Dr. Wacasey decide that you may benefit from another form of vision correction, we can help you with glasses, contacts, and more at our eye care clinic. Our goal is to provide great eye and vision care for those in east Texas.


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