Keeping your kids healthy is a top priority. This will involve more than just staying up to date with their physical checkups, though. Children's eye exams are a crucial part of their overall health. We at Dr. Greg K Wacasey, provide eye care services in Longview, TX, and the surrounding areas. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of your child's eye exams.

When Should My Child Have an Eye Exam? 

It is possible to get ahead of eye problems before they arise by getting an eye exam for your child even if they do not show any problems yet. Eye exams can be scheduled annually for everyone in the family, including your children. Many children will not share with their parents that they are having vision problems in the first place. This can make it difficult to get them a proper diagnosis. Therefore, an annual appointment is important. At this appointment, our optometrist will be able to detect vision problems before your child is even complaining about them.

More Than a Vision Screening 

It is also important to remember that an eye exam with our eye doctor is more than just a simple vision screening. During these types of eye exams, our eye doctor will screen your vision and perform a thorough eye health exam. This eye health exam will check for eye health conditions that might not manifest with simple vision problems. This type of early detection provides an opportunity for early intervention for serious eye health problems. In many cases, early intervention can be crucial to long-term eye health.

Contact Us for More Information about Children’s Eye Exams and Students’ Eye Exams from Our Optometrist

If you would like to learn more about our services, contact us at Dr. Greg K Wacasey, Therapeutic Optometrist. We are currently serving Longview, TX, and the surrounding areas. We can answer your questions and schedule you or your child for one of our students' eye exams today.

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